What can I send?

You can send parcels that weigh up to 15kg and are 120cm long. We also have a maximum volume of 245cm, to calculate this yourself you just need to add together the 2 shortest dimensions and multiply this by 2. Add the length and if the number you get is less than 245 then you’re good to go.

If you’re sending a postable parcel, it’s a bit different. Postable parcels are letterbox-friendly so they’re great for sending smaller items which means your parcel needs to fit within with following dimensions: max width 23cm, max length 35 cm, max depth 3cm (min depth 1cm). If your parcel is larger than this, or if you’d like to add cover or a signature, you’ll need to send your parcel as a 0-1kg parcel.

For more details visit our simple guide to parcel sizes.

Although you can send most things with Evri there are some items we can’t carry because of the risk of harm they may cause, or because they are illegal to possess. These are called prohibited items.

If you send a prohibited item we’ll dispose of the entire parcel and its contents. We also don’t offer cover on prohibited items. So if you’re in any doubt, it’s important to check our list of prohibited items before you send your parcel.

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