Evri parcel size limits

To help us deliver your parcel quickly and securely, we have some simple size limits:

woman sat at table applying brown tape to cardboard box

Postable parcels need to be letterbox-friendly. That means they can be:

  • Up to 23cm wide
  • Up to 35cm long
  • Between 1 and 2.5cm deep
woman holding tape measure against cardboard box on table

Evri parcel weight limits

The Evri parcel weight limit is 15kg.

We base our prices on your parcel’s weight, so please make sure you choose the right weight for your parcel:

  • Under 1kg
  • 1-2kg
  • 2-5kg
  • 5-10kg
  • 10-15kg
  • Postable parcels (under 1kg)

Weighing your parcel

There are several ways you can check the weight of your parcel:

What happens if I don't weigh my parcel correctly

The price you pay to send a parcel depends on the parcel’s weight, so it’s important to get it right.

We ask all our customers to measure and weigh their parcels before using our drop off or courier collection services. Overweight or oversized items can lead to an additional charge, so it’s best to double check before you send.

woman sat on floor holding smartphone over open cardboard box with wrapped contents