Can I buy cover for my parcel?

We include £20 cover on most items for free. If your parcel’s value is more than £20, you can increase the value of cover for your item up to £999. Please note that prohibited items and postable parcels aren’t covered, whatever their value.

As well as prohibited items, there are some items you can send with us, but we can't offer cover on them. These are called non-compensation items and include china, glassware, furniture, musical instruments, TVs and monitors, passports and legal documents, jewellery over £999 in value, separate parcels strapped or taped together, and badly packaged parcels.           

We’re happy to carry non-compensation items for delivery, but when you send any of these items it’s at your own risk

If you’ve got any doubts, check our list of non-compensation items before you send your parcel.

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