The locker is too small for my parcel, what can I do?

The first locker door that will open will always be the smallest available, but if your parcel is too big for this locker then just click “too small” on the locker screen and then the next locker size will open. If your parcel fits in this locker just pop your parcel in and close the door. If your parcel still won’t fit just go back to the screen again and click “too small” - the biggest locker door will then open (if the biggest available locker hasn’t already been used).

It’s really important that you measure your parcel as there are size limits on the locker boxes. Although they’re all the same width (41cm) and depth (66cm) the height varies. If you still can’t fit your parcel in the locker when the biggest one has opened then please make sure that your parcel is no bigger than the maximum height of 38cm. If it’s too big for a locker then don’t worry you can still take it to your local ParcelShop as long as it doesn’t exceed 120cm in length or 245cm3 in combined volume.

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