An update on our service

Our service is running well in most areas of the UK although snow is slowing us down in some areas of the UK.

Photo of a courier holding parcel and walking down street

Service status in affected areas

If we're experiencing any delays, you'll see them listed below, we’re sorry for any inconvenience and we’ll deliver your parcel as soon as we can. Please check your notifications for regular updates or where you can, we recommend diverting your parcel to a ParcelShop or Locker.

Area Postcode More Information
Area Cumbria Postcode Multiple postcodes covering Cumbria and surrounding areas More Information Snow and ice are slowing us down, keep an eye on tracking and we'll get your parcel on the move as soon as possible

Track, divert your parcel and set your safe place

You are able to divert your parcel to a ParcelShop or Locker up to 15 minutes before your home delivery. Or, if you aren't going to be home please set a safe place for delivery via MyPlaces.

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My places

Choose delivery settings for all your parcel deliveries.

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Need help tracking?

Click here to find answers to the most common questions and access to our customer service team.