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Shipping to Switzerland from the UK

Home to one of the most thriving economies in the world, alongside incredible snowy mountain vistas, Switzerland is a surprisingly popular destination for parcels coming from the UK.

From dropping off packages in the historic capital of Bern to delivering parcels across the Alps and into Italy, your Evri courier will make sure your parcel arrives safely and quickly.

How much is postage to Switzerland from the UK?

No matter where in Europe you need to send your packages, you’re sure to get a reliable service at a great price with Evri, including when you need to send a parcel to Switzerland. Provided your parcel weighs 15kg or less, our Couriers will be able to handle your delivery. We also price our parcels per 250g, meaning you’ll never pay more than necessary to send your parcels abroad, so long as you enter your parcel’s exact weight. Take a look at our pricing table below to see how much it might cost you to send a parcel to Switzerland:

Parcel size Prices from
Parcel size 250g Prices from £8.71
Parcel size 500kg Prices from £9.55
Parcel size 1kg Prices from £11.05
Parcel size 2kg Prices from £13.28
Parcel size 5kg+ Prices from £21.98

Swiss public holidays to be aware of

While our international Couriers will always aim to get your parcel to its destination on time, delivery times may be increased if your parcel arrives in Switzerland on any of the following public holidays:

  • New Year’s Day: 01/01/2024
  • Ascension Day: 18/05/2024
  • National Day: 01/08/2024
  • Christmas Day: 25/12/2024

It’s also important to be aware that many of Switzerland’s various states have their own regional holidays as well, meaning your parcel could take slightly longer to deliver if it arrives on any of those days.

How to send parcels to Switzerland

You can send your parcel to Switzerland using any of the following three methods:

Photo of a cashier scanning customers parcel on shop counter


With our ParcelShop finder, you can locate your nearest ParcelShop. Book your package online or in-person and print your labels at home or in-store, for free. Then simply hand it to the cashier and we’ll take care of everything else from there.

Woman opening blue locker to place cardboard box inside


Conveniently dotted throughout the UK, our Evri parcel Lockers are the perfect delivery option for anyone on a tight schedule. Book your Locker slot online or using our app, scan the barcode when you arrive, and then leave your parcel for our Couriers to collect.

Photo of a courier in wool hat getting out of white van with parcel

Courier Collection

Unable to drop off your parcel yourself? No problem. You can book a Courier pick-up slot online and we’ll come directly to you to collect your parcel from your office, home, or wherever is most convenient to you.

courier opening door of blue car to place package inside

Sending multiple parcels to Switzerland

Need to send multiple parcels to Switzerland in one go? With our Bulk Integration tool, you can quickly pull your orders together in one place and send them on their way at the same time:

  1. Link your Evri account with your marketplace seller’s account or upload your parcels using a CSV file
  2. Book your parcels in one go
  3. Package up your items and print off your postage label at home or in-store
  4. Send your parcels using any of our 14,000+ UK ParcelShops and Lockers or book a Courier Collection for pick-up

Why send internationally with Evri?

It doesn’t matter where your parcels are headed, when you send with Evri internationally, you get access to all of the following benefits:

What you can and can’t send to Switzerland

You can send all manner of items across the world with our Evri Couriers, but there are some exceptions to this. You can find a full breakdown of what you can and can’t send to Switzerland on our prohibited items list, so be sure to check this before you send anything you’re unsure about.

On top of this, we recommend familiarising yourself with the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and UK Civil Aviation Authority guides, to keep up to date with the latest restrictions for sending parcels to Switzerland via airlines.

How to format an address when shipping from the UK to Switzerland

When sending a parcel to Switzerland, you’ll need to format your package’s address in the following way:

  • The recipient’s name
  • The street name followed by the flat or house number
  • The four-digit postcode followed by the city or town
  • The country name in capitals

For example:

Mr J. Bloggs

East Street, 38

4007 Zurich


But don’t worry, so long as you enter the right address information at checkout, we’ll make sure it’s formatted correctly when you print your label.

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