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Sending internationally is easy with Evri.

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Send an international parcel

Want to send an international parcel from the UK? Even if you haven’t used Evri before, you’ll be able to send a package across the globe in just a few simple steps. From preparing and booking your parcel to understanding customs forms, tariff codes, taxes, and destination requirements - we’ve packed this guide with everything you need to make the process straightforward.

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Cheap international parcel delivery

Send an international parcel from only £6.08! Our network spans 200+ countries and territories, making it easy for you to send gifts and customer orders as close as Ireland, to the United States or far as New Zealand. Plus, all our parcels are priced per 250g, so you only have to pay for what you send.

How to send a parcel overseas

We’ve made it quick and easy to send parcels internationally in just a few steps. You’ll need to tell us a bit more information about your package than you would for sending to a UK address, but don’t worry - we’ll take you through each step as part of your online booking.

3 EASY ways to send your international parcels

Choose from three easy options to send your international parcel from the UK:

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Book your parcel online or in a participating Post Office store. You can print your label at home or with our FREE Print in ParcelShop devices. Drop off your package at any of our 8,500+ locations and we’ll take care of the rest.

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With over 5,500+ secure Lockers available 24/7, find your nearest one, scan the barcode of your label, and place your parcel inside for a quick and easy drop off.

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Courier collection

Book a Courier collection from your home or workplace and choose the day that suits you. We’ll give you a one-hour collection window for added convenience before they arrive.

How long does international delivery take?

Evri’s international delivery service can be as quick as sending a parcel to a UK address. We aim for 4+ working days with Standard delivery, though you may need to allow an extra day or two for your parcel to arrive. With our ParcelShop Priority service, your parcel can get to its destination even faster in just 3-6 days. This is currently available for the USA, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Finland, and the Netherlands.

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Send multiple parcels abroad

Whether you're handling a number of overseas orders or you’re an international business, our Bulk Integrations tool helps make the process easy for you. Send multiple parcels quickly at once:

  1. Link seller accounts like eBay, Etsy, Amazon and Shopify with your Evri account to import marketplace orders or upload parcels via a CSV file
  2. Weigh and package your items, book your delivery, and print postage labels at home or in-store using our Print in ParcelShop devices
  3. Send your parcels through our 14,000 + ParcelShops and Lockers or book a convenient Courier collection day
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Customs is easy when sending with Evri

Some carriers ask you to print out a customs form and attach it to your parcel. Not with Evri. When you buy a parcel online, we automatically take all the information we need during checkout, making it even easier for you.

When you send an international parcel, you’ll need a tariff code which is used by customs to identify different types of item. This helps speed up the clearance process, so your parcel gets to its destination quicker. Book your parcel online and we’ll give you a list of product categories to select from, such as clothes, arts and crafts, books and vehicle parts. Simply click through and we’ll add the correct code to your order. Alternatively, you can browse all codes to find the one that closely matches what you’re sending.

Be careful to fill in all the information correctly to make sure your parcel arrives at its destination as quickly as possible. If the information you provide is incorrect it could result in your parcel being held at customs, with delays and charges outside of our control.

Who pays customs?

As the sender, you may need to pay customs fees and VAT. The amount can depend on the destination, purpose, and value of your parcel. Your customs duty and fees will be included in the price you pay at checkout.

If your recipient needs to pay customs duty, remember to let them know. We’ll contact your recipient via email and share a secure payment link to clear customs before they can receive their items.

We want to make paying customs charges as easy as possible - so look out for further service enhancements soon!

Business or marketplace seller? Why not try IOSS

If you’re an online seller sending goods up to the value of 150 euros/c£135 and to a destination within the EU, you might want to use Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) which makes it easier for UK businesses and marketplace sellers to comply with the latest EU VAT rules.

IOSS deals with VAT charges and customs fees at the point of sale. So, as well as making life simpler for you, it also benefits the parcel recipient - there’ll be no surprise costs for your customer when they receive their goods. Plus, using a marketplace IOSS number is completely free!

If you’ve sold via a marketplace, simply select it when booking your parcels and the IOSS number will populate automatically. You don’t need to do anything else! You can also enter the number for a marketplace not listed or, if you have your own personal IOSS number, simply select ‘other’.

Don’t have an IOSS number?

If you sold an item and don’t have an IOSS number, you may be given the option to pay the taxes and duties before you send your parcel. Otherwise, remember to let your customer know they may need to pay customs charges for their parcel. If your recipient needs to pay the taxes and duties, we will send them an email containing a payment link.

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Why choose Evri for international delivery services?

  • ParcelShop Priority delivery can get your parcel to its destination in 3-6 days
  • Fill in customs information as part of your online booking without needing to print anything
  • Print your parcel labels at home or in-store for FREE with our Print in ParcelShop devices
  • Save time at checkout and add funds in advance with PrePay options
  • Get end-to-end tracking for you and your recipient
  • Send multiple parcels and marketplace orders at once using our Bulk Integrations tool

Tracking and cover

At Evri, we want your sending experience to be as easy as possible. That’s why we include full tracking and up to £20 cover with your international parcel for FREE.

Whether you’re sending a present for a friend or customer order from a marketplace, we’ll make sure you and your recipient are regularly updated along the way.

If you send a parcel using our Bulk Integrations tool, we update your marketplace account to notify customers once their items have been dispatched.

Plus, if the contents of your parcel are worth more than £20, you can increase the cover up to £999.

What you can and cannot send overseas

While our Couriers can deliver a huge range of items abroad, there are some limitations on what they can carry. It’s important for you to consider these restrictions before you try to send your international parcel on its way to ensure a smooth customs clearance.

You can see our full list of items that are prohibited when sending overseas here. Make sure you follow the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, and the UK Civil Aviation Authority guides to keep up to date with the latest air travel restrictions.

Each destination also has its own set of rules and restrictions. For example, you can't send documents outside the EU or mobile phones to residential addresses in Pakistan. Check out our country guides below to find out more specific information on what your destination requires.

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How to prepare and package your international parcel

Proper preparation and packaging means your item will arrive with its recipient safely and securely. See our guides below to find out more:

Photo of a woman at table cutting paper to wrap parcel

How to wrap a parcel

Discover how to wrap your parcels securely

woman placing cardboard box on weighing skills while child draws next to her

How to weigh your parcel

A guide on parcel size and weight

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