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Our large-item Courier service

Looking to send a large or heavy parcel? We’ve made heavy parcel sending simple with our large package Courier service. No matter where or how far your parcel needs to go, our Couriers will get it there quickly and securely.

You can send heavy parcels with our large item Couriers provided they weigh 15kg or less, have a maximum length of 120cm, and a combined circumference and length of no more than 245cm.

This means you can easily send everything from scooters to pushchairs and even sound systems using your local Evri Courier collection service, ParcelShops, and Lockers.

How much does it cost to send a heavy parcel?

With Evri, you can send large parcels at small prices. All our large parcel postage fees are based on parcel weight, so it's easy to work out how much it might cost to ship your items, regardless of shape and size. Take a look at our weight and prices table below for sending to a UK destination:

Parcel weight Prices from
Parcel weight 0-1kg Prices from £3.10
Parcel weight 1-2kg Prices from £4.60
Parcel weight 2-5kg Prices from £6.10
Parcel weight 5-10kg Prices from £6.18
Parcel weight 10-15kg Prices from £9.48

Send a heavy parcel abroad

Did you know you can send international parcels with Evri? Whether you've got friends in the USA, family in China, or customers in Australia - we deliver to 200+ countries and territories across the world. See how little it costs to send an international parcel with our weight and prices table below:

Parcel weight Prices from
Parcel weight 1kg Prices from £10.04
Parcel weight 2kg Prices from £11.66
Parcel weight 5kg Prices from £13.46
Parcel weight 10kg Prices from £17.56
Parcel weight 15kg Prices from £23.27

Quoted prices will vary based on the international destination and parcel weight. All parcels are priced per 250g. Different terms and conditions will apply to each service.

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How to weigh and measure a large parcel

Are you finding it tricky to measure and weigh a large parcel? Follow our steps below to make the whole process that much easier:

  1. Start by weighing the item you want to send before wrapping it. If you find the item is too cumbersome to weigh on its own, weigh yourself holding the item and then minus your own weight to get your item’s weight
  2. Next, wrap or package your parcel appropriately and measure its dimensions using a tape measure. Then add the two shortest sides together, multiply these by 2, and add the longest side to get your parcel's overall size
  3. Finally, re-weigh your parcel in the same manner as before to get its final weight. If your parcel weighs 15kg or less and is 245cm overall or shorter, it’s ready to be sent

Remember, if you don’t weigh or measure your parcel correctly, you might be overcharged for your parcel’s price. Any overweight or over-sized parcels may not be deliverable by our large package Couriers, so it’s essential you get your measurements correct before sending.

Be sure to look at our size and weight article if you want more guidance in this area.

How to post a large parcel

Sending heavy or long parcels with a large item Courier is simple with Evri. We offer two different yet easy options for you to choose from, so you can pick the method that suits you best:

Sending large parcels internationally

You can send all sorts of large parcels across the UK and beyond. Simply book your parcel online and choose our Courier collection service or drop it off at your nearest ParcelShop for us to deliver your parcel abroad.

Heavy parcel FAQs

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