Send small parcels quickly and easily with Evri

Sending small parcels with Evri is quick and convenient. We send parcels with a maximum weight of 15kg and length of 1.2m. But most of the parcels we move are much smaller, such as postable items or 5kg packages.

So, whether you’re sending homeware, shoes, books, or toys – we’ve got you covered.

Send parcels from £2.62 (£2.18 + VAT)

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How much to send a small parcel?

With Evri, sending small parcels comes with equally small prices. Our postage fees depend on the weight, so regardless of your parcel’s shape or size it’s easy to work out the cost.

Parcel Weight Prices From
Parcel Weight Under 1kg Prices From £2.99
Parcel Weight 1-2kg Prices From £4.44
Parcel Weight 2-5kg Prices From £5.96
Parcel Weight 5-10kg Prices From £6.36
Parcel Weight 10-15kg Prices From £9.28
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Sending small parcels internationally

Evri delivers to over 200 countries internationally. Simply start typing the destination you’d like to send your small parcel to, specify your weight and get your quote to send overseas. It’s that simple.

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Sending small parcels has never been easier

To get a quote for your small parcel delivery, just enter a few details and click ‘Get a quote now’.

You’ll then need to tell us a little more about your parcel, including how much your parcel weighs and the postcode you are sending it to. If you don’t already have an account with us, setting one up only takes a few seconds.

Free cover is included (up to £20 in value) but we recommend increasing your cover (to £999) if the item you’re sending is more valuable. Check what items we can and can’t cover.

Find your nearest ParcelShop

When sending small parcels, use one of Evri's 8,500+ ParcelShops to drop your parcel off. Find your closest ParcelShop, then either book and print your label at home or use one of our Print In ParcelShop machines.

Or, if you need to stay home, you can still choose to have a friendly local courier collect the parcel from your doorstep.

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Sending, returning or receiving? Easy does it

Sending or returning a parcel? Your friendly courier can collect your parcel from you, or you can drop it at one of our ParcelShops (usually your local convenience store or corner shop) or Lockers.

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Send your parcel

Book a courier online or drop your parcel at one of our local ParcelShops or Lockers.

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Track your parcel

Track your parcels and tell us where to leave them.

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If it's not quite right you can return your parcel quickly and easily with Evri.

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What parcels are considered too small or too light?

The weight of your parcel determines the cost of your delivery, so it’s important to weigh your parcel correctly.

At Evri, we’ll send parcels as light as you need and larger parcels as heavy as 15kg. We also deliver long parcels that can be up to 120cm in length – so you’re in good hands no matter the size.

If you’re sending a parcel that can fit through a letterbox, you can send it as a postable parcel. These are large letters that can be:

  • Up to 23cm wide
  • Up to 35cm long
  • Between 1 and 3cm deep
  • And weigh between 250g and 1kg