Small parcel delivery options with Evri

At Evri, we don’t just handle big parcel deliveries – we can send small packages as well. In fact, most of the parcels we’re responsible for are rather small in size, including many postable items and 5kg packages that can fit through a letterbox.

Just remember that your package needs to weigh 15kg or less, be no longer than 120cm, and have an overall maximum circumference and length of no more than 245cm for our Couriers to deliver it.

Of course, if you’re after small parcel postage, then this shouldn’t be a worry. So, whether you’re sending homeware, shoes, books, toys, or more – we’ve got you covered!

Small parcel postage from just £2.62

We offer small parcel postage from as little as £2.62 (£2.18+VAT) with our sending services, and if you choose to use one of our ParcelShops or Lockers before 12pm, you can even make use of our Next Day delivery option.

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How much does it cost to send a small parcel?

With Evri, sending small parcels comes with equally small prices. Our postage fees depend entirely on your parcel’s weight, so regardless of your parcel’s shape or size, it’s easy for you to work out the cost. Take a look at our prices below to see how little it costs to send small parcels to a residential or business address with Evri:

Parcel Weight Prices From
Parcel Weight Postable Prices From £2.70
Parcel Weight Under 1kg Prices From £3.10
Parcel Weight 1-2kg Prices From £4.60
Parcel Weight 2-5kg Prices From £6.10
Parcel Weight 5-10kg Prices From £6.18
Parcel Weight 10-15kg Prices From £9.48
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What parcels are considered too small or too light?

With Evri, there are no restrictions on how light a parcel can be, meaning you can send whatever you need to up to a maximum weight of 15kg. We can even deliver larger parcels and long parcels that can be up to 120cm in length – so you’re in good hands no matter the size.

Finally, if you’re sending a parcel that can fit through a letterbox, you can send it as a postable parcel. These are large letters that must fit the following measurements:

  • A maximum width of 23cm
  • A maximum length of 35cm
  • A maximum depth of 3cm
  • A maximum weight of 1kg

For more information on parcel weights and measurements, we recommend reading our parcel size and weight guide.

How to send with Evri

No matter what you need delivering, our friendly small parcel couriers can collect your package directly from you, or you can drop it at one of our ParcelShops or Lockers in person:

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We have plenty of ParcelShops dotted across the country, making it easy for you to find a local shop to send your small parcel from. Simply book your parcel online, via our app, or in-person. Once you arrive, simply hand your parcel to the cashier and we’ll deliver it from there.

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Just like our ParcelShops, we also have numerous automated Evri Lockers in your local area that you can use to send a parcel. Book a slot online or with our app and then leave it for our Courier to pick up.

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Courier Collection

In need of a home pick-up? Our Couriers can come straight to you and collect your parcel from your doorstep. Book your collection online or with our app for a day that works for you and we’ll provide an estimated 1-hour arrival slot, so you know when to expect your Courier.

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Sending small parcels internationally

Evri delivers to over 200 countries internationally. Simply start typing the destination you’d like to send your small parcel to, specify your weight and get your quote to send overseas. It’s that simple.

Small parcel FAQs

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