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Photo of tulips along the canal in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Shipping to the Netherlands from the UK

Famous for its quaint windmills, bright tulips, and many bicycles, the Netherlands is one of Europe's most densely populated countries. That means countless parcels move in and out of every city each day.

But whether you're sending gifts to family in Amsterdam, business parcels to the seaports of Rotterdam, or packages even further afield to Germany and Spain, our Couriers will get them there quickly and safely.

Cheap parcel delivery to the Netherlands

No matter what or when you choose to post to the Netherlands, we’ll always try to offer you the cheapest delivery prices and an excellent Courier service. Our Couriers can transport parcels internationally as long as they weigh 15kg or less, and we calculate our prices per 250g, meaning you can save money by providing us with the exact weight of your parcel. See our best prices below:

Parcel size Prices from
Parcel size 250g Prices from £7.41
Parcel size 500g Prices from £8.18
Parcel size 1kg Prices from £9.40
Parcel size 2kg Prices from £10.18
Parcel size 5kg+ Prices from £10.96

Scheduled Dutch public holidays

If you plan on shipping to the Netherlands, you can expect your parcels to arrive quickly, though you should be aware that any of the local holidays below could increase delivery time:

  • New Year’s Day – 01/01/2024
  • Good Friday – 07/04/2024
  • Easter Sunday – 09/04/2024
  • Easter Monday – 10/04/2024
  • King’s Day – 27/04/2024
  • Liberation Day – 05/05/2024
  • Ascension Day – 18/05/2024
  • Whit Sunday – 28/05/2024
  • Whit Monday – 29/05/2024
  • Christmas Day – 25/12/2024
  • Second Christmas day – 26/12/2024
  • Boxing Day – 26/12/2024

How to send parcels to the Netherlands

We offer three methods for shipping from the UK to the Netherlands when using Evri:

Photo of a cashier scanning customers parcel on shop counter


You can book a ParcelShop delivery either online or in-store and leave your package in our capable hands. You can even use our handy in-store Print in ParcelShop devices to print your shipping label while you’re there.

Woman opening blue locker to place cardboard box inside


You can send packages to the Netherlands using an Evri Locker by booking your parcel online and dropping it off at a Locker convenient to you. We’ll then collect it and make sure it gets to its destination.

Photo of a courier delivering a parcel to a house


If you want your parcel picked up at a time and place of your choosing, you can book a Courier collection directly from your home, office, or anywhere convenient for a doorstep pick-up.

Photo of a courier in hat holding package and smartphone outide house

Sending multiple parcels to the Netherlands

We’ve made it easy to start shipping to the Netherlands with our Bulk Integrations tool. Simply follow the steps below and enter the details for all your parcels in one go to send them on their way:

1.       Link your Evri account with your marketplace seller’s account or upload your parcels using a CSV file

2.     Book your parcels in one go

3.     Package up your items and print off your postage label at home or instore

4.     Send your parcels using any of our 14,000+ ParcelShops and Lockers or book a Courier Collection

Why send internationally with Evri?

It doesn’t matter if your parcel needs to be sent locally or further afield, you can make use of all of the following Evri benefits on every delivery:

What you can and can’t send to the Netherlands

As with any country, when shipping to the Netherlands, there are some item restrictions you need to keep in mind before you complete the sending process. Please refer to our prohibited items list for a full list of restricted items that our Couriers can’t deliver.

Alongside this, it’s also worth checking the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and the UK Civil Aviation Authority pages for up-to-date information on any international sending restrictions.

How to format an address when sending to the Netherlands

When you send a package to the Netherlands, you'll need to follow the correct address structure to ensure it reaches its recipient:

  • The recipient’s name
  • The road name and number
  • The postcode
  • The city and Netherlands

For example:

Joe Bloggs

Van Koetsveldstraat, 25

3532 ES

Utrecht, Netherlands

But don’t worry, all you need to do is enter the right address information at checkout and we’ll make sure it’s formatted correctly when you print your label.

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