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How to pack your toys

Do you have a set of action figures you’re looking to sell on eBay? Maybe you’ve spotted a gift that you know your nephew down the other end of the country will love. Some of the most popular items sold on E-commerce sites are the countless toys delivered around the UK every day.

But no matter what toys you’re planning on sending recipients, it goes without saying that you want to be sure they arrive safely, and in mint condition – the last thing you want is for any part of the toy to break during transit.

Fortunately, like in our articles on how to pack shoes and clothes, there are several steps you can follow to be sure that your toys are properly wrapped for their journey, including how to wrap soft toys and whether or not to send toys without their original box.

Important things to do before packing toys

Before we touch on packing your toys directly, we first need to cover a few important steps you want to take before booking your toys with Evri. We recommend following our three tips below before you start packing your toys:

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1. Make sure your toys have all their pieces

It should go without saying, but when selling any toys, you want to be sure they have all their accompanying pieces with them.

This first tip is particularly important if you’re selling or gifting a toy that’s already been used, but even new toys should be checked to confirm they’re not missing any parts.

Before packing, make sure your action figures have all their accompanying props and that your dolls have all their accessories and collect these in a spare plastic bag for safekeeping.

Naturally, if part of your toy is missing or broken, make sure you inform the recipient before sending it, in case they want to change their mind about buying it, or leave a note in the box if you’re sending it to a family member.

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2. Use your toy’s original packaging

While not always possible, if you do have access to your toy’s original packaging, it’s always a good idea to use this to help protect your toy against knocks during the delivery process.

The box on its own is ideal, but if your toy also came with plastic moulds that they sat in until opened, these can be reused to seat the toy comfortably and prevent parts from breaking.

If you find you don’t have your toy’s original box, then it is absolutely essential that you find a new box to replace it. While you can send toys without a box, this is not advised, as your item will likely be damaged during transit.

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3. Clean your toys before boxing them

Lastly, but just as important as our other tips, if your toy is second-hand and well-used, then it’s always polite to clean it before you pack it so it looks fresh and new. Just be sure to do this delicately so you don’t damage the toy in any way.

Our top tips for packaging toys

With our first set of tips out of the way, your toys are now ready to be packed. Follow our five steps below to make sure you don’t miss anything important:

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1. Wrap your toy before boxing it

Whether you’re wondering how to wrap stuffed toys, or a collection of toy cars, the main rule to follow when preparing any toy for delivery is to ensure that it’s properly wrapped.

There are a variety of wrapping materials you can choose from, but we recommend bubble wrap or newspaper, as both of these materials are well-suited to padding your toy against scuffs and knocks, as well as preventing it from moving too much during transit.

Of course, if your toy is sat snuggly in its original packaging, you may just want to wrap its box instead. But for any toy lacking its original container, coating it in these materials is essential for protective purposes.

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2. Add extra cardboard

A toy’s original packaging is sturdy enough to protect it during delivery, but adding extra layers of cardboard creates an additional barrier. Doing so helps to prevent toys from moving around by filling empty gaps within the packaging.

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3. Organise your toys appropriately

With your toys wrapped and your boxes to hand, your next step should be to organise your toys properly in their box if you’re sending multiple toys at once.

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4. Surround your toys with packing material

Now that everything is organised, it’s time for you to pack your box so that no negative space is left that will allow your toys to move around.

Using bubble wrap, newspaper, or cardboard, line the base of your box with your chosen material, put your toys in, and then fill in any empty space around them before adding a packing layer to the top.

If you want to be extra safe, you can also slip a layer of padding between each toy so that they don’t rub against each other.

Photo of a woman at table cutting paper to wrap parcel

5. Tape your box shut

Finally, with everything in your box, your last step is to get your hands on some parcel tape and tape the box shut at the bottom and top. This will keep everything inside, and if you then tape the corners and edges of your box, you can be sure your box will be as strong as possible.

How much does it cost to send toys with Evri?

As with sending any item with us, the cost of sending a toy will vary depending on its weight. Soft toys, for example, will cost much less to send than an action figure because they weigh less.

The good news is that, with Evri, you’ll always get a good price on your parcel. We allow parcels in our network up to a maximum of 15kg. Just make sure you weigh your parcel properly before delivery and we’ll give you the best price for its weight.

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With all our tips to hand, you should become a toy packing pro in no time at all. Of course, if you need help wrapping other items, then head over to the Evri guides page where we have a whole suite of wrapping guides for you to browse.

And don’t forget that, with Evri, you can also send your parcels internationally. Visit our international page to find out more, as well as our prices.