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Your guide on packaging shoes

Much like other items for delivery, the key to correctly packaging your shoes lies in the material you use. So, if you’re sending shoes in the post, these few simple tips will help make your packaging process that much easier and hassle-free:

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What packaging do you need when shipping shoes?

If you’ve already read our page on how to wrap a parcel, you’ll have an idea of what packaging to use when shipping shoes. However, the following materials are what we’d specifically recommend for packing footwear:

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1. A shoe box

If you’re selling your shoes through a second-hand selling platform (like Vinted, eBay, or Etsy), then you can make use of your original shoebox by mailing your shoes inside it as well as the primary parcel box you choose.

Not only will this be a nice surprise for the recipient, but it also makes it easier to find an outer box to fit your shoes while adding a double layer of protection for when it goes through our system.

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2. Shoe trees

Shoe trees are also often used for packaging shoes to help keep their shape intact. You can purchase these online to place in each shoe and they’ll properly maintain the shoe’s original structure while minimising the potential for damage.

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3. Strong parcel tape

Finally, once your shoes are wrapped and packed properly, you’ll need some sturdy tape to hand to wrap your parcel’s top, bottom, sides, edges, and corners for increased structural integrity before sending it off.

The final check before shipping shoes

Last, but not least, before booking in your shoes for delivery, you should always double-check that your parcel is properly sealed and strengthened for transport by doing the following:

  • Check your parcel is completely sealed – ensure the parcel tape for your shoe’s parcel has no gaps or breaks and isn’t curling at the edges. Nothing should be sticking out at an odd angle that could catch on something.
  • Check the box feels strong enough – your box needs to feel sturdy enough to withstand the weight of your shoes inside, as well as other parcels that it might be stacked with during transit.
  • Gently shake the box to see if the shoes are secure enough – you don’t want to hear the shoes sliding or moving around before shipping them, so a gentle shake will let you know if more packing material is required.
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Print your label and send your parcel

Now that all the packing is done and dusted, it’s time to print out your postage label.

Book your parcel online with our Locker or Courier service, and you can print your label off at home, or visit your chosen ParcelShop to print your label off in person before leaving it in our capable hands. Just make sure you stick your label on the top middle of your box, where our team can see it.

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Use these helpful tips

Now that you’ve learned new tips on how to post shoes, you’ll hopefully be an expert when you next need to send a pair. But if you want to learn more about packaging other items, such as how to package toys, then why not head on over to our guides section for all the advice you could possibly need about everything parcel-related?

And remember, here at Evri, we make sending parcels as cheap, efficient, and quick as possible. You’ll always get a good deal with Evri, whether you’re sending a parcel domestically or internationally.