What we do for the Environment 

As part of our overall environmental impact strategy, values & objectives, we at Evri acknowledge our environmental interactions and continually work to develop and implement arrangements to minimize resource consumption, emissions and waste generated by our activities. 

Future Commitment 

We at Evri are committed to minimizing pollution and continually improving environmental performance. As part of our work to create an environmentally-sustainable solution we shall: 

  • Identify, record and endeavour to control all environmental impacts associated with our activities, responsibly managing those that can’t be eliminated. 
  • Comply with all current legislation and other requirements. 
  • Minimize waste created at source whilst seeking to maximize re-use and recycling opportunities 
  • Ensure any final disposals to landfill are both necessary and via responsible, approved service providers. 
  • Equip our employees with the necessary resources, information, instruction and training to fulfil the requirements of this policy. 
  • Influence our suppliers of goods & services to understand their impact on the environment, and reach a mutual understanding of our joint responsibilities. 
  • Integrate environmental objectives into applicable business decisions, monitoring performance to those objectives and regularly reporting within agreed forums. 
  • Communicate the requirements of this policy to raise awareness and understanding of everyone within Evri to the part they play. 

Declaration of Commitment 

I and the other members of the management board are wholly committed to this policy and to implementation and maintenance of the highest standards of environmental management across the business, using the latest version of ISO 14001 as our benchmark. 

We expect everyone involved in Evri to embrace and adopt these commitments, working towards a sustainable future for everyone.

Martijn de Lange

Chief Executive Officer

6th April 2018

For and on behalf of Evri (a trading name of Hermes Parcelnet Ltd.)