Staying safe

Staying safe online can be tricky, which is why we've created this handy guide to help customers spot scam messages, inform of the types fraud and reassure about how we protect our customers’ data.

Customer guides

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Cyber security

Fraudulent behaviour is becoming more and more prevalent as online ordering increases. We take our customers’ wellbeing very seriously at Evri and publish regular updates to help them stay one step ahead.

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How we protect our customers' data

Customer data is important to us at Evri, that’s why we wanted to reassure you that we take your data security seriously.
Here are some of our activities you can depend on:

  • As we become aware of fake Evri websites or social media profiles we work with our partners to get them taken down
  • We conduct ongoing security testing against our systems that process customer data, in order to confirm your information remains secure
  • We also secure customers’ own Evri accounts by monitoring and blocking suspicious logon attempts
  • Internally we ensure only those Evri colleagues who need access to your data have it and we provide guidance and training to them to ensure they know how to handle it appropriately and in line with GDPR requirements. We understand and have defined legal bases for all of our processing activity