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How to wrap books for delivery

Anyone who regularly sells items online knows you have to be careful when it comes to packing your parcels properly for shipping, especially when it comes to books.

Books might be sturdy, but they can still get damaged in transit. Poor packaging choices, lack of padding, and exposure to moisture can leave even the toughest books a little worse for wear.

To prevent this from happening, and to help you post your books securely, we’ve listed the best ways to package books.

How to package individual books

For anyone packaging books for the first time, the following steps are key areas to consider when wrapping up an individual book for transport:

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Wrap your books in sturdy packaging

While you can use a toughened envelope lined with bubble wrap inside to send your books, it’s better to use a small box. A box is always the safest option when posting books. Just remember, a small box needs to be measured to match your book’s size. To choose the best packaging, follow our steps below:

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How to send multiple books

Even the most experienced book sender will need to send multiple books together at some stage, especially if you plan to send several of them to a buyer in one go.

Fortunately, the process of packing multiple books is the same as posting a single book, there are just a few extra steps you’ll need to consider:

  1. Choose a box that’s big enough to house the number of books you want to send - make sure you have at least an inch or two of space around the edge for additional padding.
  2. Cushion the base of your box with bubble wrap – this will pad your box out and make ensure the base of your books are protected.
  3. Wrap each book individually in bubble wrap – using the method mentioned above, carefully wrap all your books before stacking them on top of each other to make the most of your box’s space.
  4. Fill the boxes edges and gaps - taking more bubble wrap of old newspaper, fill in any gaps between your books and the box's edge, being sure to pad their top as well.
  5. Secure your box with packing tape – take your packaging tape and secure the base, lid, and box corners to make your box as sturdy as possible.

The best way to pack books is to add enough padding for protection. Bubble wrap is exceedingly light, too, so it won’t impact the cost of postage!

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How to package rare books

If you want to send an antique or uncommon book to an expert or collector, you’ll need to package them securely to prevent damage. The steps we’ve already mentioned will help protect your older books from most damage, but to be extra safe, we’d recommend:

  • Wrapping books in an extra third/fourth layer of bubble wrap – this adds an extra layer of cushioning, which is great for a fragile or hardback books.
  • Place cardboard dividers between each book – this keeps the book(s) in place, and prevents movement.
  • Put your wrapped book in a sealable plastic bag - to prevent any potential damp seeping inside.

How to ship books

Now that you’ve got your books packed, weighed, and ready to go, let's look at how to ship books correctly.

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Ensure you’ve labelled your parcel properly

Labelling your parcel correctly is very important. Without the right label, your Courier won’t be able to deliver your parcel – and you don’t want the whole packaging process to go to waste after putting in so much time and effort.

To find the right parcel label, be sure to enter the details of your parcel correctly online. You can then print your label off at home or at one of our ParcelShops before putting it in plain view on your parcel.

Once you’ve got you’ve label ready, you can arrange for a courier to collect your parcel, or drop it off at your local ParcelShop or Locker. No matter the package, our team of couriers will get it to its destination on time and in great condition.

For more details on prepping any parcel for delivery, visit our How to send a parcel page.

Now you have the information you need to package your books correctly, you’ll be ready the next time you need to parcel them up.

So, if you want to read more about wrapping and shipping guides like this one, visit our guides page and learn more about sending, posting, and receiving parcels.