The Most Popular Dog Breed-Inspired Street Names Revealed

Photo of a courier opening door of blue car holding parcels
  • Data reveals dog breeds are inspiring road names across the UK
  • Larger dogs are more popular than smaller breeds and the Great Dane is the most popular breed
  • London, Liverpool and Leeds are home to the most dog inspired street names
  • Having a dog themed street name could increase property value by up to £32K

With over 2 million streets across the UK, there’s plenty of quirky and obscure names out there, but did you know that dog breeds are a popular theme?

In fact, recent data has shown there are over 660 dog-breed inspired street names, with everything from Cavalier Close to Dane Road, across England and Wales. 

However, a new study, undertaken by the UK’s biggest dedicated delivery company, Evri, has revealed which breeds are the most popular for street name inspiration. 

Analysing the Kennel Club’s 50 dog breeds, with everything from Cocker Spaniels to Labradors, the results have shown the Great Dane takes top spot.

From Dane Bank, Dane Close and Dane Common there are 457 street names all related to the German breed!

Unsurprisingly, the classic English breeds, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Cocker Spaniels, are also popular. From Cavalier Green and Cavalier Grove to Cocker Road and Cocker Square, these breeds have taken second and third place in the overall ranking.

The top 10 dog breeds influencing street names

Breed Number of Streets
Breed Great Dane Number of Streets 457
Breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Number of Streets 49
Breed Cocker Spaniel Number of Streets 48
Breed Beagle Number of Streets 26
Breed Newfoundland Number of Streets 13
Breed Pointer Number of Streets 11
Breed Brittany Number of Streets 10
Breed Boxer Number of Streets 7
Breed Bulldog Number of Streets 7
Breed Labrador Number of Streets 6

Interestingly, larger breeds seem to be more favourable, with six of the top ten street names belonging to medium and large dogs.

Half of the top ten breeds originate from England too, making these streets even more patriotic.

With dog breeds being popular, the study also looked at general dog-themed street names, such as those including bark, kibble and woof. The research found that the canine theme featured in some areas more than others.

London, Liverpool and Leeds are home to the most dog-inspired street names, with the capital alone having 40 streets with a canine theme.

Other areas with a love for dog names include northern cities York, Sheffield and Manchester, having 41 streets combined.

The areas with the most dog themed street names:

Area Number of Dog Themed Streets
Area London Number of Dog Themed Streets 40
Area Liverpool Number of Dog Themed Streets 26
Area Leeds Number of Dog Themed Streets 23
Area York Number of Dog Themed Streets 15
Area Sheffield Number of Dog Themed Streets 14
Area Manchester Number of Dog Themed Streets 12
Area Margate Number of Dog Themed Streets 12
Area Wakefield Number of Dog Themed Streets 11
Area Barnsley Number of Dog Themed Streets 11
Area Leicester Number of Dog Themed Streets 9

Dog themed streets are not only cute, but they could also increase your property value, according to recent research by SaveOnEnergy.

The energy comparison site revealed that dog themed street names could add a whopping additional £32,000 to your home.

So, if you’re looking to buy or sell a new house, it might be worth noting if your street is related a pooch.