Evri reveals road trip of the most romantic UK street names

12th February 2024: Love is in air, but you don’t need to jet off to Paris to find romance when it’s right here on your doorstep. Evri, the UK’s biggest dedicated delivery company, has revealed some of the most romantic street names its couriers deliver to.

There are over two million streets across the UK, so it’s no surprise some of them have love inspired names. Evri has created a romantic road trip of the UK so the public know exactly where to go to find the loved-up lanes.

Evri drivers are on the road, delivering to 12 million households each week, making over 720 million deliveries a year. Topping the list with what its couriers think is the most romantic street name is Love Lane, it seems like a popular choice as well, with 123 lanes sharing the same name. Coming in second and third are Valentine Close and Lovers Walk.

Street name Number of streets
Street name Love Lane Number of streets 123
Street name Valentine Close Number of streets 14
Street name Lovers Walk Number of streets 14
Street name Lovington Lane Number of streets 3
Street name St Valentines CLose Number of streets 3
Street name Roses Close Number of streets 3
Street name Lovers Avenue Number of streets 2
Street name Kissing Gate Number of streets 1
Street name Date Street Number of streets 1
Street name Heart in Hand Road Number of streets 1

Those are the obvious choices, but Evri hasn’t stopped there, it’s also revealed some of the more uniquely romantic street names its couriers deliver to. These include Passionflower Close, Amor Place, Lusted Road, Bleeding Heart Court, Dear Love Gate, Sweetloves Lane, Hearts Delight, Cupids Chase and Kissing Tree Lane.

An Evri spokesperson, said: "Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love in all its forms, while a box of chocolates or some new underwear might be appreciated, we wanted to offer something a little different this year – a chance to discover the hidden gems of romance nestled amidst our delivery routes."

Roses Close in Jesmond, Newcastle is a stone’s throw from Jesmond Dene, a wonderful historic park. Kissing Gate is just outside Hull, known for its aquarium. Next up is Love Lane in Ossett, Wakefield a few streets away from Ossett’s impressive town hall, is home to two real ale breweries and not far from the home of local celebrity Jane McDonald. Fourth on the list is Valentine Close in Sheffield – the city famous for its music scene, producing acts including Pulp, Def Leppard and Arctic Monkeys. Continuing the road trip to Lovers Lane in Oldham near Lydgate village and not far from thriving Uppermill with its quaint canal-side coffee shops. Onwards to St Valentines Close in West Bromwich on the edge of Sandwell Valley Country Park then to Lovington Walk in Leicester – Leicester known for England’s ‘lost king’ Richard III being found beneath a car park. Next stop is Lovers Walk in Dunstable; Dunstable Downs, a chalky escarpment outside the town, is a popular site for kite flying, paragliding and hang gliding. Date Street in Elephant and Castle, a thriving community with a variety of notable buildings and a number of notable residents including Charlie Chaplin. A final stop brings you to Heart in Hand Road, a short distance from historical landmark Reculver Towers.