Evri and Chinese marketplace announce landmark partnership to drive growth of European brands in China

Customer handing garment and parcel label to cashier

24th January 2024: Evri, the UK’s biggest dedicated parcel delivery company, and Chinese marketplace today announced a partnership aimed at bridging the gap between European brands and the market in China. The integration of's advanced logistics and e-commerce capabilities in China with Evri’s extensive delivery network across Europe will offer European businesses a seamless and efficient gateway to access's vast consumer base in China – and Chinese brands enhanced growth opportunities in Europe. and Evri’s partnership represents an integration of the companies’ core strengths in logistics, supply chain, and cross-border e-commerce, establishing comprehensive two-way logistics services that span across China and Europe. This collaboration is set to open doors for European brands and merchants, particularly in the UK, providing them access to's vast customer base of 600 million consumers in China.

Leveraging Evri's extensive delivery network throughout Europe, JD Logistics will offer customers in China enhanced services and offerings to European brands. The services will include Evri’s local pick-up and warehousing in Europe and then international transportation, access to Chinese bonded warehouses, customs clearance, and comprehensive delivery across China.

Moreover, JD Worldwide, the cross-border e-commerce platform of, will provide Evri’s retail partners with valuable insights on the Chinese market including consumer behaviour, marketing and pricing strategies, product selection advice, and online operational strategies specific to China. The partnership will initially prioritize the beauty and apparel sectors, areas where has substantial insights into the shopping preferences of Chinese consumers.

The collaboration will also enable JD Logistics to offer integrated warehousing and comprehensive delivery solutions to clients in Europe by leveraging Evri’s local distribution network and JD’s self-operated overseas warehouses.

This is a landmark partnership between Evri and and a powerful testament to the growing synergy between the economies of the UK and China. By combining our expertise and resources, we're supporting the growth of British businesses in new markets and also fostering sustainable growth for both Evri and We're confident that this collaboration will pave the way for a vibrant future of innovation and collaboration in the e-commerce landscape. While Evri is perhaps best known as the UK’s biggest dedicated parcel delivery company, we continue to grow internationally and deliver to more than 200 countries in six continents across Europe, Asia and the rest of the world, including from our modern warehouses overseas.

David Saenz, Chief Growth Officer at Evri

By integrating Evri's extensive delivery network with our cutting-edge logistics solutions, is enhancing our service capabilities in Europe and simultaneously offering European brands a direct and efficient pathway to the expansive Chinese market. This partnership underscores our dedication to building a robust global logistics network and our commitment to the success of international brands. operates nearly 90 international warehouses in 15 countries and regions and plans to further extend its global supply chain and logistics network over the next three years. This partnership reinforces’s position as a global leader in the e-commerce and logistics sectors, demonstrating its ability to bridge markets and create new opportunities for businesses worldwide.

Qun Xue, Vice President of and Head of JD Logistics International