Posting a laptop with Evri

Some items you send through our network are more delicate (and expensive) than others. That’s why there are different steps to packaging fragile items - with laptops being one of them.

Whether you’re sending a laptop as a present or you’re a company delivering this type of technology, these are some of our best tips on how to package a laptop for shipping.

Important things to note when sending laptops

As you can expect, posting a laptop involves good preparation beforehand. This ensures this piece of technology is safely packaged, and also arrives safely.

Top tip: Just bear in mind that while you can send a laptop with Evri, it’s excluded from compensation, much like computers and game consoles.

There are plenty of other things you can and can’t send with Evri, so it’s worth reviewing this information before you package any kind of item.

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How to package your laptop securely

You’ll want to keep the laptop you’re sending as safe as possible while it travels through our network. Wrapping it securely ensures fragile items like these arrive at your desired destination in the same condition you sent them in.

So, here’s how to package a laptop for shipping to keep it safe:

1. Wrap the laptop in bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is ideal for packaging laptops. The bubbles used in this packing material protect fragile items by cushioning the screen, which is ideal since the laptop’s screen is comprised of layered glass.


  1. Layer a sheet of bubble wrap between the laptop screen and the keyboard – this adds a layer of protection for the screen to prevent damage
  2. Tightly wrap 5cm of bubble wrap around the entire laptop (or more, if your parcel is larger)
  3. Tape the bubble wrap down to keep it secure

2. Place the laptop in a sturdy box

Now the laptop has been prepared for shipping, you’ll need to place it in a sturdy cardboard box. Ensure this box is durable enough to send a laptop in, since this item is heavier than some, and more delicate to transport.

Just reuse a cardboard box, or buy a new one, ensuring the weight, size, and volume are considered when doing so. Don’t use a second-hand box that has any noticeable wear and tear, as the laptop needs to be sent in the strongest packaging materials possible.

woman sat on floor holding smartphone over open cardboard box with wrapped contents

3. Pack the box with additional materials

When posting a laptop, you want it to be properly protected. To do so, you can use extra materials to pad the inside of the box and secure the laptop.

You can do this by:

  • Adding a few layers of old or used newspaper - just scrunch it up and tuck it between the laptop and the box, or any noticeable, empty spaces
  • Slotting cardboard pieces into the package; doing so provides an extra barrier of security
  • Wrapping clean bedsheets tightly around the laptop – sheets can be second-hand, just ensure they are clean and presentable

4. Pop your address inside the box

Next, write your address on a piece of paper and put this inside the box before you secure the lid.

Just list your name, address, and phone number, as well as the name and address of where it’s going. This means if the parcel label falls off during transit, we know where to deliver it to.

5. Use tape to fasten the parcel

Now that everything is wrapped and ready to be sent, it’s time to tape up your cardboard box. Just tape down every opening first, and then along the edges of the parcel. This maximises security and keeps the laptop’s packaging in place.

6. Label the package appropriately

It’s nearly time to send the laptop, but you’ll need to label your package first.

To do this, simply:

  • Arrange your delivery using the Evri website or app
  • Print the label out at home, or use a Print in ParcelShop device
  • Affix the label in the middle of the parcel
  • Smooth out the label using the palm of your hand and tape it down to ensure it’s stuck on securely. If printing a parcel label at home, make sure you don’t tape over any details on the label (especially the barcode)
  • Write your address on a returns label, and stick it on the back of the parcel

7. Send your parcel

Now that your parcel’s packaged up appropriately, all that’s left to do is opt for the most suitable Evri service to send it. Either take it to a ParcelShop, or book a Courier collection online. Posting a laptop has never been easier!

Send safely with Evri

Hopefully, now know how to package a laptop for shipping. You may even call yourself an expert after actioning our tips! For further insights on packaging parcels, sustainable packaging and more, visit our guides section.

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