How to divert parcels with Evri

Life is busy, and we know you won’t always be in to receive your parcels. With Evri, you can divert your parcel, all you need to do is enter your tracking code on our tracking page to have it sent to a different location nearby.

Photo of a courier walking down street holding parcels

Can I divert my parcel?

If you’re not available, you can divert your parcel up until the courier reaches your doorstep, it’s that easy!

If you sign up for an account, you can use MyPlaces to save a chosen safe place for any delivery for when you’re not home. MyPlaces makes individual deliveries a lot easier. You can pin your location, add a photo or note for your courier, and choose which neighbour to leave your parcel with (or who to avoid!)

What does diverting a parcel mean?

When you choose to divert your parcel, your courier will get an update asking to switch your parcel’s delivery address. So instead of having to cancel your plans, Evri lets you divert your parcel to a trusted neighbour’s house. Alternatively, your courier can leave your parcel in a safe place or at your chosen ParcelShop or Locker.

courier outside house opening outdoor storage box to place parcel inside

How do I get Evri to divert my parcel?


Can I divert my parcel to my safe place and a neighbour?
Are diversions guaranteed?
Can I change my diversion request?
If I arrange for Evri to divert a parcel but I’m going to be in, can I cancel?